LLPC Supervision

“Dave is a very honest, understanding and knowledgeable individual. He teaches through analogies and down to earth concepts which makes it easy to understand.”

Shelli, former supervisee to LPC

David offers a free consultation to potential supervisees to help both parties ascertain how well the supervisor/supervisee match might be.

Benefits of Group Supervision

  • Group members are able to gain additional perspectives beyond just the supervisor
  • Can tap into a deeper bench of experience(s)
  • May benefit from feedback from more than one person
  • More cost effective and time efficient

      *Group Supervisees automatically receive the lower $90 individual supervision rate


Groups will typically look to have 5-8 people in them. The plan is to meet for 2 hours about twice a month. Group schedules will be posted at least a month in advance. By having around 5-8 people in a group, for 2 hours, allows everyone to have significant time to present while also affording the opportunity to learn from your peers.

In order to meet the 50 hour average/year needed for your supervision hours, as well as provide an additional opportunity to discuss cases more in-depth and/or discuss more private issues, a minimum of 2 individual sessions are expected during the 12 months.


Scheduled group sessions are $60/hour/participant. Individual supervision rates for group participants are $90/hour*.

Group sessions are in person in Lansing, MI. There may be times (i.e. inclement weather, COVID quarantine) that members may attend via zoom.

“I think David’s biggest strengths include the accepting atmosphere he builds, empathy he displays and overall encompassing knowledge of the field. He has a lot to offer almost everyone. I’m, glad I found him when I was seeking a supervisor.”

Mindy, a current supervisee


I believe there are multiple ways to effectively counsel and supervise someone, and I find that utilizing a blended supervision model proves to be most effectual. In addition, counseling and supervision efficacy occur within the therapeutic relationship.

Individual sessions are usually conducted weekly. Due to vacations, holidays, weather, etc. sometimes sessions will be skipped or made up. To help make up a session, a 1.5 hour session may be held on a different week. The goal is to have 50 hours of supervision within a 12 month period in order to achieve your 100 hours needed for your LPC license during the 2 years.


Individual supervision rates: $90 to $150. A sliding scale exists, including scheduling flexibility, those in David’s supervision group and for tighter budgets.

Please call or email with any additional questions or to setup a free initial consultation, call (517) 420-1850 or email

David Frobish primarily uses a blended model of supervision. He stresses the importance of building an appropriate relationship with clients to better ensure an effective therapeutic outcome.

In terms of effectiveness, research has shown that a strong therapeutic relationship takes precedence over the counseling method used.


Most sessions are in person, however; new supervision rules that went into effect in 2021 give allowances for up to 25 hours (out of 100) of “Zoom” type supervision hours.

Please call or email with any additional questions or to setup a free initial consultation

 Call (517) 420-1850 or Email