Supervision Training Testimonials

“If you want to supervise LPC’s, take THIS COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

~K. Jill Bussler

“Great training, worth every penny!”

~ Shay Webb

“David is a phenomenal teacher!”

~ Ann Bixler

“I had considered other training options including self paced home study but I’m glad I selected LPC Training with David. I thought a live interactive training would better suit my learning style and it did not disappoint. The interactive nature of David’s training with the focus on relationship and trust building appears to be a good foundation for preparing to mentor trainees. The training was a great way to connect with peers across the state and engage in collaborative learning.  David provided lots of resources and ideas regarding forms and record keeping that won’t have me searching the web or recreating the wheel. Highly recommend.”  ~ Julie Middlin

“I just completed David Frobish’s supervision training class. The class convened on 5 Saturdays from 9:00 – 3:30. The thought of enduring long days of teaching over zoom could extensively seem exhausting for the brain, but not in this class. David structured his class in a way that engaged his students using multiple teaching modes to match every different type of learning style. Whether it be straight lectures, collaborative problem solving, sharing of personal experiences, or discussions in breakout groups, the content was most relevant and important to our counseling profession. David was strategic in how he selected and emphasized the necessary nuggets that were obviously extracted from volumes of material needed for teaching good and effective clinical supervision skills. I was not as well informed until taking his class. The content that he distributed will help me as I move forward in my own work as a supervisor. Moreover, the content that will serve as continual sources of reinforcement, knowledge, and encouragement. I am grateful to have taken his class.”  ~ Dr. Keri Warren

“You’ve been consistent throughout, great interaction with participants and it feels like when we share it actually matters.  Other trainings have felt like ‘okay next, okay next’.”  ~ Kayla Maroney

“It’s not just one thing, I learn throughout this workshop.  I truly enjoy when [we] breakout into small groups because it allows my colleagues and I to have dialogue and share concepts and skills with each other.”  ~Monika Poole

“Today was a huge confidence builder with the information I received.” ~ Rene Colvin

“I have taken this training in another state and I found this one led by David to be more practical, well rounded and valuable both personally and professionally.”  ~ Kim Clark

“David has been a great teacher and role model for me and provided a great standard to aspire to as a future supervisor.”  ~ Justin Work

“Very happy with [the] experience. Can’t wait to put this to good use.” ~ Christina Zurkiwskyj

“This training was insightful and helpful.  I especially appreciated the interactive opportunities and the high level of participant interaction in sharing experiences and lessons learned.  I also appreciated the fact that you [David] took comments and ideas from the group and incorporated it into your presentation for future groups.  It shows you’re open to learning and growing too. . .no one has fully arrived and we can all learn something from each other!  What a great opportunity you have to hear from each of your training groups and to build your toolbox of ideas!” ~ Bethany Vukusic

“Thanks, David.  This training exceeded my expectations.  I will reflect back often on what I learned.”Jennifer E. Mitchell

“I thoroughly enjoyed this entire week of training.  I met a lot of great people; with different backgrounds and perspectives that helped me learn a lot about myself.  Both David and De were knowledgeable, as well as entertaining.  I would highly recommend this training to other LPCs looking to move into supervision.”Brenda Rayle

“David!  Your Metaphors are Awesome!!  David, you are a master group facilitator.  I’ve learned a lot just watching you.  Great job!”Josephine Cervantes

“The design of the course, along with the information and your modeling and encouragement, gives me confidence.  I can work from what I currently know while understanding that I will always be increasing and adapting my knowledge, and improving my skills.  The instructor is encouraging and effectively modeled what he taught. He has an amazing memory of what participants have said, and created reflective statements in our discussions that neatly and intelligently summarized our thoughts. The training felt like an easy-to-remember, pleasant conversation.  Thank you! This has to be one of my most positive training experiences to date.”Lyn Spence

“David provides a comprehensive and unique approach to supervisor training.” ~ Ryan Miller

“Been considering supervision training?  Can’t go wrong with this one!”Stacey Crane

“David created a safe and welcoming space that allowed for high participation. The handouts and small groups were great for different learning styles.  [It was a] great training! Instructor has knowledge of theories, concepts and field experience. Time is used effectively!”Felipe Trevino

“Love your humor, acceptance and nonjudgmental attitude, makes learning fun.”Lorie Hershberger

“Our trainer David paces the class well and encourages lively discussions. We went deeper than expected with our conversations.    My regret is that this is not a semester class.  It is energizing to be around a competent instructor.  Supervision is an opportunity to be mindful, reflective, supportive with a winning plan in place. Thanks for all the practical ways to implement this process toward excellent practices in Supervision.  The best choice I made to fine tune my skills and David’s class offers best practices that support this profession.  It is so worth it!”Nancy Warnars

“This course provides a wealth of knowledge to the profession for up and coming supervisors. The instructor was open and relatable to everyone in the course and made everyone feel welcome.” ~ Deana Harris

“This is a valuable training for new and seasoned LPCs!” ~ Sharon Windfrey

“You [David] really are an excellent instructor David. You pull everyone in and make sure everyone has a voice. You also treat us all as colleagues which is very important.” ~ Raizel Weiss Heitzer

“This training was well worth it.” ~ Bob King

“You [David] were very calm, encouraging and provided a space for everyone to share. Very positive and also challenged in a way that promoted growth and self-reflection.” ~ Ashley Constantine

“I cannot believe how much I learned in this course! I feel much more confident about being a supervisor. This course is a must for anyone wanting to be a supervisor.” ~ Shelly Tjapkes
“I felt validated as well as learned so much!” ~ Vicki Dandridge
“[David gives] great examples and constructive feedback. While the information presented on the handouts is great and necessary, David is best when he speaks about those things without following exactly what is written and has a conversation about them.” ~ Katelynn Miller
“It [the training] was engaging and presenter does well with managing the group and logistics. I really enjoy the breakout sessions and I appreciate how [the] presenter provides meaningful responses that offer clarification. I like that the presenter seems to model and provide motivation/validation during interactions. I have already learned a lot in a format that I wasn’t so sure would be as effective as in person for the subject matter. I feel that I will be prepared and have a good grasp of how to be an effective supervisor.” ~ Carmel McKentry
“I have greatly appreciated the thoroughness of the material presented and the generosity of the trainer for providing useable forms and templates for trainees to customize and use right away! I enjoyed the discussion on strategies for initial sessions. It was helpful seeing the steps allocated to ‘things to do prior to’ in compassion to ‘things to cover.’ I can see this [as] a useful checklist to incorporate into each supervisee’s file to ensure that I covered everything intended.” ~ Kristina Princinsky
“David is an excellent and thoughtful trainer. The training was well planned, challenging and fun. I would highly recommend this training for effective supervision.” ~ Gwendolyn Pettway
“The most important thing I’ve learned is that being a supervisor is a lot more risky than just being a counselor, because I must be able to trust the Supervisee to take good care of our clients. The supervisor role is not one to be taken lightly and we put our professional license at risk when we take on a supervisee, so we must be careful to choose supervisees wisely and make sure we do our due diligence in providing a high quality supervision experience for the safety and well-being of all parties involved (the clients, the supervisees, and myself). This was a great reminder for me today, because in the past when supervising an intern, I chose someone who was not safe and I had to take action to end the internship. I see now that I hadn’t taken the time to really screen them and I assumed they were appropriate just because they had a master’s degree. At the beginning of this training, I was feeling a bit embarrassed about admitting to not having good discernment when choosing that intern. Today, I don’t feel embarrassed about it anymore, because I am grateful for the lesson it taught me on how important it is to make sure proper protocol is followed to do my due diligence in gatekeeping and empowering  new counselors to be successful :-)” ~ Laura Perez-Stylez

“This was a great training.  David is a great presenter and cares about everyone’s experience.”Kyana Magee-Houston

“He is a very kind and warm group leader.”Margaret Fedder

“The discussion is always my favorite part, just hearing other perspectives.I enjoy both the small and large groups – small is nice to feel more conversational, but large is nice to hear how different small groups interpreted the same question perhaps in different ways.” ~ Julia Dudewicz
“I enjoyed all of the small group discussions with my new group. They brought very interesting perspectives and gave me new things to consider. I can appreciate the ongoing discussion about self-care for the supervisor and supervisee.” ~ Kelly McGhee

“Take the course!  He’s a very caring & experienced trainer.”Michele Morelli

When asked, “What did the instructor do well?

“David you are a treasure and a wonderful person to learn from.” ~ Alana Nicolazzo

“Pacing of the day, the materials are very comprehensive, and I really appreciate that David allows us to have his materials and edit them to fit our needs in the future. I also like that some questions are open to whoever would like to respond, and other ask for a response from everyone – it’s a nice way to not put pressure on everyone who may be more shy, while still making shier people feel included and valued.” ~ Julia Dudewicz

“Responded well to feedback, demonstrated adaptability, and provided encouragement and validation to each participant.” ~ Kristina Princinsky

“I appreciate the smaller more intimate set up of the training. It opens up the opportunity for networking and support across the state.” ~ Devon Cunningham, LPC, Program Supervisor

“Great training, very informative and beneficial for new supervisors.” ~ Kelly McGhee

“Hears everybody out, poses wonderful questions, giving samples of documents and feedback.”

“Kept the discussion going and presented the information succinctly while leaving room for questions or comments.”

“I appreciate the pacing of the presentations, the many handouts, and the discussion. David maintains a cheerful demeanor and it’s obvious a lot of thought goes into the presentation and overall training.” ~ Julia Dudewicz

When asked, “What is the most important thing you learned in this training?

“I have learned that the instructor is respectful of all comments and questions asked, which increases participation and comfort. I have also learned that there are helpful resources to assist with the process. I especially appreciate the reference list.”
~ Kristina Princinsky, MA, LPC
Owner, Therapist, Consultant, M.A. Counseling Psychology,  Licensed Professional Counselor 

“I appreciate the self disclosure, flexibility, and implementing feedback.”  ~ Devon Cunningham

“That supervision is a therapeutic relationship at its core, just like therapy, if you can develop a strong one, then the rest will be smooth going, for the most part.”  ~ Alana Nicolazzo

“I feel like I’m learning to increase my level of awareness and reflection (of self, others, supervision roles, teaching and learning styles and things to consider, and key qualities necessary for our profession).”  ~ Laura Perez-Stylez

“Evaluation and interpreting codes of ethics, formal handouts on contracts, informed consent, managing, how to incorporate what was learned from presenter and colleagues into my style, each day of training provides additional insights that will help me structure supervision and understand the needs of supervisees.”  ~ Carmel McKentry

“How to handle uncomfortable or triggering situations, assertiveness, understanding balance. . .using authority in a compassionate way.”

“I appreciated the conversational approach, use of humor, and keeping things ‘light’ while also talking about important issues.I liked the timing / pacing of the day.I also thought the questions were good and we generally had the right amount of time in break-aways to discuss what was asked.The breaks were well spaced and not too much or too few.”  ~ Julia Dudewicz

“The importance of working with the supervisee to improve their skills in a safe space.  Also, helping them to develop skills to address emergency situations in an ethical manner.  Ongoing review of ACA ethics is important.”  ~ Kelly McGhee

“One has to be prepared for supervision, you can’t walk into it blinded. Also, reviewing Ethics because there are some things I forgot and the review was helpful.”  ~ Deana Harris

“All that is involved in providing supervision, what’s at stake, and why is it important.”  ~ Sheila Lewis