LLPC Supervisee Testimonials

Lighthouse Counseling ENT

I really appreciate how David uses the group for supervision rather than just respond to every question on his own. It helps me to try and come up with suggestions of how I would approach a situation. It also is a great use of the diverse background of the group members.
- Melissa
A view of his strength is his ability to explain in detail a point or position.
- Anderson
David is a thoughtful and knowledgeable mentor. I am so thankful for the group and supervisory support he provides.
- Carla
David is attentive in both group and individual counseling (supervision) role. He is great at noticing when there is a difference in me and makes the intervention a general part of the conversation.
- Lisa
David is attentive to supervisee and is able to answer all questions and concerns. David has shown empathy with supervisee. David is knowledgeable about ACA ethics. David is a fantastic supervisor and is an asset to my growth and knowledge of myself and career in counseling.” “I think David is a wonderful clinical supervisor.” “I feel I am able to share errors, insecurities, shortcomings and vulnerabilities with my supervisor [David].
- Victoria
I think David’s biggest strengths include the accepting atmosphere he builds, empathy he displays and overall encompassing knowledge of the field. He has a lot to offer almost everyone. I’m glad I found him when I was seeking a supervisor.
- Mindy
David’s strengths include the flexibility of allowing supervisees to express through their vulnerabilities.
- Shiela
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